Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Religion and Nationalism

I preface this little diatribe with a disclaimer: I could easily be wrong, but obviously I don't think so. If there is a Supreme Being out there, I fully concede that He or She would probably know more than I. Based on my reason though...I don't think I'm wrong. That's the beauty of reason - having a basis and path for my conclusions. Feel free to argue said conclusion....

I am becoming despondent with Christian Nationalism. If I hear one more time that this is a Christian nation, I'm going to, well, just get really upset.

This country was founded primarily by deists. Many of them, Thomas Jefferson being my current favorite, despised Christianity and the perversion it thrust on, so-called, Christians. I believe the founding fathers were inspired, yes. That is EXACTLY why one will not find a reference to Jesus Christ or Christianity in ANY of the legal documents setting up our Government or the rights/privileges of U.S. citizens. They left it out for a reason. Piety and religion do not a stable government make.

Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.
-Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814

The only document that comes close to representing Christianity is the Declaration of Independence but even that only does so in that it references God. Not a Christian God, mind you, just God. Furthermore even if it was the God of Christianity mentioned in the document, The Declaration is NOT a legal document of the United States. It was written long before a Government or system of laws was in place.

All I'm saying is this - DO NOT pretend to know that your beliefs are those of the founding fathers or your country. It is religious bigotry. You want to believe that what you think or feel should be a standard to all those living around you. Hitler wanted the same thing. This country was meant to set people free from a solidified state religion. Please quit trying to get us back to that place. It dishonors the very men you esteem for establishing this country.

Those, who after reading this blog, worry about my eternal soul - no worries. I still am quite fond of Jesus Christ. It's His self-proclaimed, militant followers I can't stand. Also, I believe that many of the ideas imbued in our Constitution may in fact align with many Christian principles...but many of those principles are also found in Judaism, Buddhism and so on. Just, please, stop ascribing the principles this country was founded on solely to your faith system. Furthermore quit trying to force that belief system on others through your government. It's not nice and certainly not Christ-like.


  1. I hope dad doesn't read this. I think its great that you are so open minded. I love you

  2. i love you too. i also love Judaism, but you know that.

  3. bumper sticker in logan:
    "we like your Christ. your Christians, not so much."

  4. Thank you all. :) i'm not crazy - I just am tired of people trying to 'fix' others when there isn't anything broken. And trying to 'fix' them through government is even worse.