Sunday, April 5, 2009

Loving Your Unknown: A Love Sonnet

A brief explantion of said sonnet: I had to write it for my professional writing class. Sadly, my imbecile of a teacher didn't realize this is more creative writing than professional...
I love you so without knowing your name,without knowing your life or even your place.I don't know if you're there; feeling the same.If you're there, I'm on my way, quick in pace.

I've known your soul without knowing your look,although I'm sure your look's past my station.We'll love without caring - the world forsook;loving your unknown: an awful sensation.

The wife of my eternal visioning;amazing mom to our children unborn.I get you first myself, in my planning -us alone before between kids you're torn.

All my decisions are made for our "US." I worry there's no you and never was.

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